Be the dream catcher

One of my favorite pastime is to view picture of places and travel pictures. Places I may want to go someday. Its not like bucket list but more like inspiration. Inspires me to dream more and big. While finding more inspirations today, I realized there are places I skip to dream about because of what [...]

Where would you go exploring???

I never knew what to say when they used to ask 'what do you want to be when you grow up'. All my essays in school have different replies. Once I decided to be lawyer and my sister read my essay and told me how hard it is to be a female lawyer in our [...]

Living a dual life…

As a Gemini I am used to being called a dual personality person. I have never understood why or how does that make sense because I have seen that everyone has so many different sides of their personalities. There is this one personality that we perceive of that person, then the one who they really [...]